Fabric PPE vs Non-woven PPE

Is your PPE kit actually safe and environmentally friendly?

As a doctor and healthcare professional, butting heads with life-threatening microbes and helping patients recover requires making many difficult and crucial decisions. Choosing your protective gear is one of the most vital decisions, usually neglected. Hence, it is important to know how your choices impact yourself, your patients, and the environment at large.

Is Cloth Fabric PPE really superior and safe to reuse?

When it comes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a common notion is, Cloth PPE is far better as compared to Non-woven PPE as it can be reused. But what happens after a cloth PPE is safely disposed of for treatment? 

It undergoes a chemical-heavy treatment to eliminate all microbes. It is then washed with incredibly massive amounts of water to clean the chemicals and further treated to meet the protective standards of the hospital, ready to be used again. 

After all these treatments, the protective capacity and lifespan of the fabric gradually grows weaker, making the wearer susceptible to infections and many other health hazards.

Should you consider Non-woven PPE?

Non-woven PPE is designed to be used once and disposed of after use. At Manjushree Spntek, we offer safer and smarter non-woven solutions with custom value-added treatments for different types of protection to keep you always guarded against microbes.

How do we do that?

1. We adhere to International Benchmarks of safety. All our products are made to meet different AAMI Levels as per requirement, ensuring utmost safety from microbes.

2. Our state-of-the-art European technology delivers optimal results, tailored as per your needs.

3. An extensive range of customised treatments varying from Anti-static to Alcohol repellency is delivered without any loss in the hydrohead or other performance parameters.

Can discarded Non-woven PPEs be reused?*

Yes! Once the Non-woven PPE kit is discarded, it is disinfected and can be used to make roads or can be transformed into bricks and various construction materials, however, study and research on the same is underway. Many institutes and research centres have been working to try and convert discarded PPE kits and other plastic waste into pellets that can be moulded for various applications.


*Source: How Can Discarded PPE Kits, Masks Be Recycled & Gainfully Used?

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