The importance of Lint-Free Fabrics

A speck of lint can be life threatening. Seems like a hard to believe statement but it is true, and we will tell you how.

Operation theatres and surgical environments tend to everlasting medical urgencies. Everything must be done with utmost care and every action needs to have pin-point precision, sometimes with haste.

Doctors and support staff in OTs sport nonwoven protective gear while conducting surgeries and if the quality of the fabric is not up to the mark, it may release specs of lint in the sterile environment while the team is working. If a speck of lint enters the patient’s body while operating, it may lead to infection or other life-threatening situations like clotting in the bloodstream. Hence, the tight fabric which is 100% lint-free is essential to avoid any mishaps with the patient.

Manjushree Spntek offer a range of high performance, treated fabrics for making lint-free infection control apparels.

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